Erin Ehrlich Makes Multiple Appearances on Fox Business News

Newark Trial Attorney Erin Ehrlich has made several more appearances on Fox News with Charles Payne.

On Thursday, August 13, 2015, Ms. Ehrlich was consulted regarding the recent IRS Scandal involving Lois Lerner, providing her professional input.

"What does this really show? It just shows that she's a liberal who thinks she's the target of a GOP-led witch hunt, which... to be frank, it seems like she kind of is," said Ehrlich in the discussion.

In the end, however, both sides agreed that "the IRS should not become the personal weapon of the Whitehouse, either," as stated by Mr. Payne. "It should be nobody's political weapon," agreed Ehrlich.

Ms. Ehrlich also provided her professional opinion regarding the continuing issue of athletes—particularly college football players—who are finding themselves in trouble on and especially off the field. For example, two football players have recently gotten into hot water after brawling with teammates, and pro golfer Phil Mickelson is being investigated for insider trading. What does this all mean for the athletes and those whom they represent? All of this was discussed on the show.

Watch the full video here.

Ms. Ehrlich also appeared on Making Money with Charles Payne to discuss whether or not millennials may be moving their support to Donald Trump for the 2016 presidential elections. She voiced her opinion about Trump's behavior and why she thought his campaign may be appealing to millennials.

"I think there are some aspects to his platforms that are attractive to young professionals such as myself who are seeking to protect their earnings, [who are] seeking to pay off [their] loans, [who are] seeking to see stronger presence abroad, to see stronger resistance abroad..."

"So you think [Trump] represents those things?" asked Payne.

"He could," Ehrlich responded.

Watch the full video here.

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