Erin R. Ehrlich Appears on Fox News Program "Your World with Neil Cavuto"

On Friday, February 13, 2015, Ehrlich, Petriello, Gudin & Plaza's associate, Erin R. Ehrlich, appeared as a legal analyst on the Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto. In an animated debate, Ms. Ehrlich took on guest host Stuart Varney and fellow attorney Randy Zelin to discuss whether a New Jersey court correctly ruled that Atlantic City’s Golden Nugget Casino was entitled to the return of monies “won” by several Baccarat players after realizing the deck of cards was not shuffled.

Ms. Ehrlich, whose practice focuses on civil litigation, argued that the court got it right. Ms. Ehrlich began by noting that casinos, and the games played therein, are heavily regulated. She argued that once those rules and regulations are broken, the game is no longer authorized by the State of New Jersey regardless of who broke the rules or how those rules were broken. Because the statute required that the deck of cards be shuffled and the deck used in this case was not, Ms. Ehrlich contended that the court correctly declared the game to be void.

Mr. Zelin argued that. because there was no finding of fraud or wrongdoing by the players, they should not be penalized for the casino’s error. Mr. Zelin also noted that the casino would be receiving a double recovery since they already settled outside of court with the manufacturer of the faulty deck of cards. While Mr. Varney strongly agreed with Mr. Zelin’s position, Ms. Ehrlich argued that the players should not receive an undeserved windfall award, particularly when they purposefully took advantage of a known and obvious error.

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