Erin Ehrlich on Fox News "Shepard Smith Reporting": Two City Marshals Indicted in Child's Death

Last month, in Marksville, LA, a six-year old boy was shot and killed while strapped into the front seat of his father's car. The father was also struck, but did not die. The two city marshals who fired the shots have since been indicted by a grand jury after being accused of second-degree murder.

The defendants were allegedly moonlighting as deputy city marshals when they began chasing the suspects' car. Reports say that the marshals let off 18 gunshots, striking both the father and his son, but only the child died.The reasons behind this encounter are not yet known and are still under investigation; however, there is possible evidence proving that the father had his hands in the air when the gunshots started.

On December 11, 2015, civil litigator and trial attorney Erin Ehrlich appeared on the Fox News segment "Shepard Smith Reporting" to provide her professional opinion on the issue. She says that, while very little is known about the case at this time, one of the marshals may have known the victim's father and that the situation may have involved a domestic violence dispute which caused the initial car chase.

Since so little information is available, there is speculation as to whether or not the suspects had legal cause to use deadly force against the victims. Watch the full interview below to see what Attorney Ehrlich has to say on the matter.