Attorney Derek Reed Featured on The Willis Report on Fox Business

Attorney Derek Reed was recently featured on The Willis Report on Fox Business, where he discussed the tragic death of a college student at Clemson University. The student was killed when he fell off a bridge. The incident, however, was the result of a fraternity stunt, and the student's parents are now pressing charges against one member of the fraternity.

The fraternity released a statement pointing out that the allegations in the recently filed lawsuits have not been validated by any investigations or evidence. Attorney Derek Reed was asked the question of whether the fraternity itself should be blamed for the student's death.

Liability May be Difficult to Pinpoint

According to Attorney Reed, the fraternity has different liability than the individual members. He also indicated that the reason this case is in the news in the first place is because Congressman John Carney is the father of one of the defendant's in the lawsuit.

Although hazing was mentioned in the lawsuit, Attorney Reed stated that police reports show no evidence of drugs or alcohol being present at the time of the event. In addition, the local sheriff has found nothing which would indicate that hazing took place when the student died. This could make it very difficult to make any of the individual fraternity members liable for his death.

You can see the entire news segment by clicking here.