Attorney Derek Reed Featured in WNYC News Segment

WNYC news recently discussed the upcoming conclusion of the eviction moratorium. In their news piece, “NJ Renters Have 2 Weeks to Apply For Rental Aid As Eviction Moratorium Sunsets,” reporter Karen Yi spoke with Attorney Derek Reed about the effects of eviction freezes on landlords.

Even though renters are protected from evictions, landlords can sue their tenants in order to receive the owed rent. However, Attorney Reed mentions that landlords don’t want to sue but do want their tenants to apply for assistance.

He highlights the importance of tenants and landlords working together during this time: “The application for the rental assistance can’t be completed without the tenant’s cooperation. And vice versa. That’s really the best way to address this situation from both sides—from both the landlord’s and tenant’s side—is to access this rental assistance”

For more on the conversation, give this sound bite a listen. For more information about the suspension of evictions, keep reading.

New Jersey Eviction Moratorium

New Jersey renters have been protected from evictions by the recent federal and state moratoriums. The suspension solely protects renters from evictions based on missed or late rent payments.

As a tenant, if your income falls within the 80-120% bracket of your county’s median income, then the eviction moratorium has already ended (this past August). If your income is less than 80% of your county’s median income, you are still protected from evictions. The moratorium for lower-income renters concludes on December 31st.

Where to Apply for Rental Assistance

If you need help paying your rent, state and local funding is available. For rental assistance from the state, you can visit the NJ Department of Community Affairs. The remaining federal funding will be distributed via a lottery.

As mentioned in the WNYC piece, you should apply to as many assistance programs as possible. Be sure to also investigate rental assistance programs in your local county. For help completing rental assistance applications/forms or for more information regarding rental assistance, tenants and landlords, speak with a reliable attorney at our firm.

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